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Toolkits are provided for members to promote safe digging and the damage prevention message. Each toolkit is geared toward an event, campaign, or program and contains a variety of resources such as social media messages, press release template, infographics, and more.

Promoting 811 Safe Digging Toolkits Data Toolkits Using the Best Practices Educating Policymakers


Promoting 811

811 is the national easy-to-remember phone number for the professional excavators and homeowners as well as a symbol for the one call process. The 811 program reaches millions of Americans every year through campaigns and CGA has gathered tools and resources to help members manage or partake in campaigns promoting 811.

8/11 Day Toolkit

Resources created for promoting August 11th as 811 Day.


811 Campaign Case Studies

Case studies of successful member 811 promotional activities.


811 Logos

The 811 logo available in several approved versions and formats for member and public use. You must be logged in and read...


811 Tips for Excavators Toolkit

CGA is creating a video series and accompanying toolkits to help educate the industry about how each stakeholder in the...


811 Tips for Facility Owners/Operators

CGA’s Educational Programs & Marketing Committee is developing a series of educational videos and supporting...


811 Videos, PSAs and Supporting Tools

A series of educational videos and public service announcements (PSAs) to bring the safe digging message to life.


Excavator Toolkit

CGA’s membership includes more contractor members than ever before. CGA has created this toolkit to include new...


General Campaign Materials

General 811 campaign and archived materials. Log in required for download.


General Media Relations

Guidance and tools for working with the media.


National Hardware Retailers Partnership

Materials for collaborating with national retailers to promote safe digging with their customers.


National Safe Digging Month Toolkit

Every year, the industry celebrates National Safe Digging Month in April. During the month, campaigns and activities...



Safe Digging Toolkits

CGA has created a suite of toolkits designed to help members generate public awareness about the importance of damage prevention. From news media and social media outreach to advertisements and grassroots engagement, CGA’s Public Awareness Toolkits put a range of templates, how-to guides, graphics and other resources right at members’ fingertips.

Incident & Disaster Response

Materials to remind homeowners and professionals about 811 during incidents and clean-up efforts.


All Social Media + Infographics

A library of all social media materials and infographics.


After the Call

Detailed safe digging information post-811 request for first-time callers.


Data Toolkits

Data-derived insights and recommendations are a core function and CGA has created a suite of tools for member use based on these takeaways.

White Paper 2022 Resources - Natural Gas Industry

Telecom White Paper Toolkit

Telecom White Paper - Industry Exploratory Study

Key findings from in-depth individual video interviews among leaders in the telecom industry and locators and excavators...


Locator White Paper - Tools & Resources

CGA has created a suite of tools and resources for members to use based on key findings and data from the Locator White...


Industry Survey Toolkit

In October 2023, CGA surveyed more than 500 damage prevention professionals representing a range of stakeholder...


Excavator Outreach White Paper Member Resources Toolkit

CGA has created resources for members to promote and present the White Paper: Data-Informed Insights and...


DIRT Report 2020 Resources

In September 2021, Common Ground Alliance (CGA) published its 2020 Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) Report,...


Data-Informed Insights and Recommendations for More Effective Excavator Outreach

The CGA is pleased to release its inaugural White Paper, which will offer key takeaways and recommendations all...


Data Collection and Reporting Toolkit (DIRT)

Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) program collects critical damage and event information, analyzing the numbers...


811 Awareness Study 2020 Data Sheet

Using the Damage Information Reporting Tool

Data informs nearly every aspect of CGA’s operations and industry recommendations. With the launch of the Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) in late 2003, stakeholders have been able to submit underground damage and near-miss reports through a completely secure, private web application. Using information submitted through the tool each year, CGA’s Data Reporting and Evaluation program publishes an annual report (the DIRT Report) as well as an interactive dashboard. CGA has created a variety of tools and resources around the DIRT program for members to use.

Using the Best Practices

The CGA Best Practices Guide is the original, and still most popular, industry resource for ensuring the safety of those who work or live near underground facilities. The Best Practices manual includes more than 130 practices that cover all phases of the 811 process, agreed to by 16 stakeholder groups. The following toolkit is available to assist members and damage prevention stakeholders in using the Best Practices Guide and participating in the best practices process.


Educating Policymakers

Educating policymakers on the importance of protecting underground infrastructure is key to the damage prevention process and CGA has created tools and guidance for members to achieve this goal. Local stakeholders can educate state and federal policymakers about how they can strengthen damage prevention legislation to improve public safety. This toolkit is designed to help on-the-ground stakeholders communicate CGA’s consensus-based Best Practices, Data and other information.

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