CGA Awards

The CGA established an awards program to celebrate the successes of our members as well as those in the larger damage prevention community. Since that time, the CGA has recognized many individuals who have demonstrated great dedication to damage prevention. 

The CGA presents three awards annually. They include the Ron Olitsky Award, Jim Barron Award, and Hall of Fame designation. In addition, the President annually selects a company to receive the CGA President's award. 

Award Selection Process

Nominations are accepted for the Ron Olitsky, Jim Barron and Hall of Fame awards during December and January of each year. The nomination form will be available on the CGA web page during this time for CGA members who wish to submit nominations. An Award Selection Subcommittee of the CGA working committees and Board members will evaluate and discuss the nominations prior to naming the honorees. 

Ron Olitsky Award

This award is presented in honor of Ron Olitsky of Underground Service Alert, who served on the CGA Board since the organization’s establishment and during the development of the Common Ground Study of One Call System and Damage Prevention Best Practices in 1999. Ron’s dedication to the CGA and to damage prevention was a true priority until his untimely passing in 2005.

The award will be granted to the CGA member whose dedication and service to the CGA went above and beyond the call of duty during a given year, and he/she might be considered the “most valuable player.”

Current Year's Recipient:

Award Recipients

  • Brian Tooley (2005)
  • 811 Team (2006):  Dan Meiners, Tom Shimon, Kevin Chmura, Gina Johnson, Patti Lama and Linda Sims
  • Ron Peterson (2007)
  • Mike Catt (2008)
  • Gweneyette Broussard (2009)
  • Steve Blaney (2010)
  • Gloria Grev (2011)
  • Dan Maschka (2012)
  • Louis Panzer (2013)
  • Collin Miyadi (2014)
  • Ryan White (2014)
  • Annmarie Robertson (2015)
  • Thomas Young and Michael Muilenburg (2016)
  • Chris Thome (2017)
  • Ann Rushing (2018)
  • Deanna Centurion (2019)

Jim Barron Award

Jim Barron of Ronkin Construction played a key role in the Common Ground Study and went on to serve as the first president of the CGA. He has and continues to show true dedication to the CGA and to several other damage prevention organizations and projects. The Barron award is given to an individual(s) or organization(s) that may or may not be a member of the CGA but has shown true dedication to efforts that enhance underground damage prevention. An example may be an individual that serves on a one-call board, a member of Congress or government official, or any other person or organization outside of the CGA that has made a positive impact on the damage prevention community.

Current Year's Recipient:

Award Recipients

  • Chris John (2005)
  • Mike Shallow (2006)
  • Scott Landes (2007)
  • Rick Pevarski (2008)
  • JD Maniscalco (2009)
  • Corey Willson (2010)
  • Massoud Tahamtani (2011)
  • Marco’s Pizza (2012)
  • Ron Rosencrans (2012)
  • Donnie Mingus (2013)
  • Mike Sullivan (2014)
  • Walt Pegram (2015)
  • Jemmie Wang and Mark Stowe (2016)
  • Dj Stukas and Joe Karpenske (2017)
  • Bob Terjesen (2018)
  • Kevin Hopper (2019)

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is an ongoing roster of damage prevention champions. The award honors CGA members that have served in the organization over a long period of time and whose impact has left its mark on the organization in a positive and memorable way.  

Current Year's Recipient:

Award Recipients

  • Claudette Campbell (2005)
  • Stacey Gerard (2005)
  • Vic Weston (2006)
  • William Kiger (2007)
  • Allen Gray (2007)
  • Bill Boswell (2008)
  • Paul Preketes (2008)
  • Will Carey (2009)
  • Eben Wyman (2010)
  • Kathie Fournier (2011)
  • Brad Barringer (2011)
  • Don Heyer (2012)
  • Patti Lama (2013)
  • Rich Felder (2013)
  • Mark Palma (2014)
  • Diane McCarthy (2014)
  • Linda Sims (2015)
  • Jim Barron (2015)
  • Bob Kipp (2016)
  • Jeff Wiese (2017)
  • Tom Hoff (2018)
  • Gweneyette Broussard (2019)

President's Award

Since 2009, CGA's president has selected a company to receive the annual "President's Award."  The recipients have gone above and beyond to demonstrate their dedication to damage pevention during a given year.  

Current Year's Recipient:

Award Recipients

  • 2009 – John Deere
  • 2010 – Shell Pipeline Corporation
  • 2011 – Alabama 811
  • 2012 – One Call Concepts
  • 2013 – Texas 811 
  • 2014 – USIC 
  • 2015 – Pacific Gas & Electric Company
  • 2016 – Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, PHMSA
  • 2017 – Cox USA
  • 2018 – North Carolina 811
  • 2019 – PCCA 

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