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The Common Ground  Alliance has benefited from unprecedented member support since our inception.  To effectively fulfill our vision of shared responsibility in damage prevention, CGA seeks input and participation from the broadest possible representation of damage prevention stakeholders on our working committees.  Each of the working committees is comprised of members from the 16 active stakeholder groups within the CGA. These committee members operate on a consensus basis – ensuring that all CGA initiatives carry the support of the entire damage prevention community.

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Best Practices Committee

The Best Practices Committee is currently charged with overseeing the Common Ground Alliance Best Practices. Based on the Common Ground Study, the Committee developed CGA’s Best Practices field manual that is now the official Best Practices publication, which is updated on an annual basis. Multiple new practices are approved each year and included in the latest version of the document.

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Data Reporting & Evaluation Committee

The Data Reporting & Evaluation Committee is the driving force behind CGA’s Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT). DIRT is a secure web application used for collecting and reporting underground damage information. The committee oversees the development of the tool, directs the processes that govern the tool and manages the statistical evaluation/reporting of data on an annual basis.

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Educational Programs & Marketing Committee

The Educational Programs & Marketing Committee is charged with managing CGA’s educational and promotional outreach. The committee’s initiatives include the 811 campaign, educational video and material development, as well as the promotion of CGA’s core programs.

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One Call Systems International Committee

The OCSI Committee is made up of one call representatives as well as CGA members who participate in the one call process. The committee enhances damage prevention efforts by serving as subject matter experts for one call processes, providing statistical support for CGA programs, and acting as a link between national and local damage prevention efforts.

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DPI Metrics Committee

The Damage Prevention Institute (DPI) Metrics Committee makes policy recommendations to the DPI Advisory Committee regarding DPI participant accreditation, performance measurement, and peer reviews.


Regional Partners Committee

The Regional Partners Committee is made up of participants and representatives from our regional partner organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada. The committee focuses on supporting CGA programs locally, providing regional input on national initiatives and increasing communication between the many local damage prevention efforts throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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Next Practices Advisory Committee

Next Practices Advisory Committee uses industry data, quantitative surveys and stakeholder input to clearly identify and focus the industry on the advancement of the most effective solutions to address critical damage prevention challenges.

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Technology Committee

The Technology Committee is charged with keeping a pulse on technology that affects the damage prevention industry and driving the industry to develop and utilize innovative technology that will decrease excavation damage. The committee also oversees the development of the annual report, “Technology Advancements and Gaps in Underground Safety.”

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