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Promoting 811 and the Safe Digging Process

Damage prevention starts with a call or a click. 811 is the national call-before-you-dig number for professional excavators and homeowners. CGA’s 811 promotional efforts focus on supporting our member community by striking a balance between large-scale national initiatives executed in partnership with our members, and by providing providing tools and resources designed to provide guidance for all damage prevention stakeholders’ outreach efforts.

The 811 program reaches millions of Americans every year through two major campaigns, National Safe Digging Month (NSDM) and 811 Day. NSDM is a concerted month-long effort during April to promote safe digging through member-driven marketing and activities. 811 Day takes place on August 11th and holds a wide range of larger events, all with the goal of educating the public on 811 and the one call process.

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35m+Requests to 811 centers annually
Over $10min media exposure each year

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The Educational Programs & Marketing Committee is charged with educational and promotional outreach. The committee’s initiatives include the 811 campaign, educational video and material development, as well as the promotion of CGA’s core programs.

What is 811?

811 is the national phone number designated by the Federal Communications Commission that connects professionals and homeowners who plan to dig with their local one call center. Common Ground Alliance members promote the 811 phone number as the first step in the damage prevention process.

How does 811 work?

When someone calls 811 in the United States, he or she is connected to the local one call center, where a representative collects information about the caller’s planned dig site. The one call center then communicates the information to the appropriate utility companies, which send professional utility locating technicians to identify and mark the approximate location of lines within a few days of the phone call. Once lines have been marked, the caller may dig safely around the marks.

How do CGA members promote 811?

CGA encourages members to promote 811 in ways that make sense for each member organization, through events, paid advertising, publicity earned via news coverage, social media marketing or other tactics. CGA produces an annual Communications Plan that provides members with tools to promote 811 during National Safe Digging Month, 8/11 Day (Aug. 11) and other times of the year.

How does CGA determine its national 811 campaigns?

CGA conducts primary and secondary research to determine appropriate target audiences for its national 811 campaigns. Additionally, CGA considers input from members of the Educational Programs and Marketing Committee. To learn more about this committee, please click here.

How do I find information about my local one call center?

CGA maintains a map of all one call centers and damage prevention information by state. You can access this information by clicking here.

How can I get involved with the Education Programs and Marketing Committee?

Click here to learn more about CGA’s Educational Programs and Marketing Committee.

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