Regional Partners

Regional Partner Program

The Regional Partners program connects the national CGA mission of shared responsibility and partnership with groups of local stakeholders called Regional CGAs. Currently, there are more than 60 Regional Partners playing critical local roles in damage prevention in their respective geographic areas.

As the local ambassadors of the CGA mission, Regional CGAs have been instrumental in creating state-wide summits and conferences, giving stakeholders who are unable to attend the national CGA annual meeting an opportunity to learn new damage prevention skills.

CGA’s Regional Partners consistently use the CGA Communications Plan to inspire their safe digging outreach among professional excavators and the general public. But just as frequently, Regional Partners’ creative events and campaigns – like hosting skill competitions for locate technicians, creating scholarship programs for current and future diggers and arranging awareness seminars featuring unique guest speakers – inspire case studies featured in the Communications Plan.

Becoming a Regional Partner

When an organization becomes a CGA Regional Partner, they join a network of over 60 partner organizations representing states and provinces throughout the United States and Canada. The partner receives national support, best practices materials for distribution to members, and access to contacts throughout the country with the same objectives and facing the same challenges.

How is a typical partner group structured?

Because some damage prevention organizations exist in certain areas and other areas are starting new organizations, each damage prevention group's structure often varies by state, region and even by city. As a result, each CGA regional partner varies slightly from the next. To review each existing partner's mission statement and contact information, visit the Damage Prevention Map. Feel free to contact an existing CGA partner to inquire about their organization's mission or structure.

How are Regional Partner Organizations managed?

Regional damage prevention groups have control over and are solely responsible for their activities and projects. One of the regional damage prevention group's primary objectives should be to promote communication about damage prevention Best Practices among all stakeholders. The CGA recognizes that the regional damage prevention groups' activities may extend beyond the established policies of the CGA.

Requirements - The CGA only has two requirements for becoming a regional partner.

  • One of the Regional Partner’s primary objectives should be to promote communication about damage prevention Best Practices.
  • Regional Partner’s must agree not to exclude any stakeholder group from their discussions.

Application – To become a Regional Partner, you must submit a petition to the Common Ground Alliance.

Regional Partner Petition

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