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Starting the Process

Each year, one call centers process approximately 35 million underground utility locate requests in the United States, making them the first step in the damage prevention process. These organizations are much more than ticket processing centers; their staffs create and execute training and educational programs and implement new technologies that make the one call process more efficient for all stakeholders.

The OCSI Committee is made up of one call representatives as well as CGA members who participate in the one call process. The committee enhances damage prevention efforts by serving as subject matter experts for one call processes; providing statistical support for CGA programs; and acting as a link between national and local damage prevention efforts.

Organized as the One Call Systems International (OCSI) Committee in CGA, OCSI offers a forum for one call system employees and board members to discuss trends from the other CGA committees on a local level. OCSI began as an independent organization in 1985 and elected to join CGA as a committee in 2003.

One Call Centers collect center statistics and state information through a data collection tool.  For one call contacts to access the tool, visit

OCSI Committee Co-Chairs:  

Chris Stovall, Texas811
James Wingate, Underground Service Alert of Northern California & Nevada

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Working Committee Participation

To effectively fulfill our vision of shared responsibility, the CGA seeks input and participation from the broadest possible representation of stakeholders.  Each of the working committees is comprised of members from the 16 active stakeholder groups within the CGA. These committee members operate on a consensus basis – ensuring that all CGA initiatives carry the support of the entire damage prevention community.  CGA committees meet in-person and virtually approximately 3-4 times per year.

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CGA has created a suite of toolkits designed to help members generate public awareness about the importance of damage prevention.

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