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Dig deeper into your state’s data with CGA’s NEW 811 Center Dashboard

  • 26 January 2023
  • Author: Kelly Cahill
  • Number of views: 4765
Dig deeper into your state’s data with CGA’s NEW 811 Center Dashboard

We’ve created a new 811 Center Dashboard to provide stakeholders with visually organized state-by-state data about annual 811 center transmissions and state damage prevention laws and regulations.

The new interactive 811 Center Dashboard allows users to easily reference regulations by state, such as minimum notification period, life of a ticket and status of mandatory white lining, as well as state-specific data on transmissions and ticket volume for individual 811 centers. The Dashboard also provides a glossary to help users familiarize themselves with 811 center terminology, and shares links to each 811 center where users can find more information about 811 in their state.

The 811 Center Dashboard assembles data collected by the One Call Systems International (OCSI) Data Collection Tool, including state and provincial laws and regulations as well as 811 center statistics for the U.S. and Canada. The OCSI data collection tool has been recently updated to a simplified platform for 811 centers to easily submit their pertinent data and state law information for inclusion in the 811 Center Dashboard. The OCSI Committee will be reaching out to center contacts in the coming weeks to submit 2022 statistics and information. These updates will be incorporated into the Dashboard to ensure the tool provides a full, current overview of 811 trends and requirements in each state.

CGA members can  use the new dashboard in conjunction with the DIRT Report and DIRT Dashboard to make well-informed decisions and stay up-to-date on your state’s unique digging laws and statistics. Click here to access the new dashboard and get started.

Thank you to CGA’s OCSI Committee for providing statistical support to CGA through its data collection tool and for playing a vital role acting as a link between national and local damage prevention efforts. We hope you will take advantage of this new resource and better acquaint yourself with your state’s individual 811 data and regulations.

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