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Get to Know the DPI

  • 2 February 2023
  • Author: Sarah Daley
  • Number of views: 3577
Get to Know the DPI

In January, CGA held a webinar to introduce its newest arm, the Damage Prevention Institute (DPI), and provide an overview of the important role that the DPI will play within CGA. Building on the insights of CGA’s Next Practices Initiative and the prior success of the Gold Shovel Association, the DPI will utilize a stakeholder-centered approach to develop performance metrics that reflect commitment to Best Practices and dedication to improving the reliability of the U.S. damage prevention system for everyone involved.

The webinar offers a helpful overview of the DPI enrollment process, data submission through DIRT, the metrics that the DPI will evaluate and more. If you missed the webinar or would like to watch it again, you can access the recording here. Reference the time stamps below to easily find the information you’re looking for:

  • 2:00: CGA’s mission, stakeholder groups, working committees and damage reduction initiatives
  • 4:43: Damage Prevention Institute’s mission
  • 5:04: Why participate in the DPI?
  • 6:46: DPI structure, staff and advisory committee members
  • 9:53: What happened to the Gold Shovel Association?
  • 14:23: How to enroll in the DPI
  • 17:09: DPI accreditation and basic accreditation requirements
  • 22:00: Submitting data
  • 24:13: Metrics defined
  • 30:07: DPI data products and sample peer comparison
  • 32:59: Peer review process
  • 34:58: DPI and ISNetworld collaboration
  • 35:35: More information and resources

Additional information about the DPI’s structure, accreditation process and more can be found at If your organization has not done so already, please complete the DPI enrollment form to confirm your profile information and affirm your leadership commitment to DPI accreditation policies.

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