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Arizona 811 Case Study

Leveraging LMS software to address key damage prevention inefficiencies

Damage prevention is a shared responsibility, and every stakeholder involved in the 811 process has a responsibility to not only use the 811 system, but to use it as efficiently as possible. When a stakeholder uses the 811 system inefficiently, it causes slowdowns in other areas of the process, contributing to challenges like late and inaccurate locates.

CGA’s Educational Programs & Marketing Committee created a video series and accompanying materials titled “Efficient Use of 811,” to help educate damage prevention industry professionals about the ways stakeholder groups are misusing the 811 system and causing system-wide inefficiencies in the process.


Easy-to-Share Videos

These short videos address existing problems within the damage prevention process that are drivers of inefficiency, and share simple, actionable solutions for excavators and facility owner/operators to implement within their organizations to streamline the 811 process for all those involved.

The videos are available to all CGA members and can be leveraged in a variety of ways to incorporate these important messages into existing stakeholder outreach. One of CGA’s members, Arizona 811, offers a prime example of how to utilize these new videos by incorporating them into its popular online platforms to reach 811 system users where they already are engaging.

According to Arizona 811, 85% of all the state’s tickets go through Exactix, the 811 center’s online ticket creation platform, which can display announcements to all users when they log in to the system. This presented an excellent opportunity for Arizona 811 to target excavators while they are actively participating in the process. Arizona 811 embedded the excavator tips video into the announcement  page of Exactix to ensure excavators would have access to this information at a time when it is most relevant to them.

Arizona 811 also incorporated the video into its learning management system (LMS), Coursettra, to complement the training materials already available. By adding these short, easily digestible videos into existing educational content, Arizona 811 has highlighted areas of inefficiency to stakeholders during the learning process, when they are highly receptive to new information.

Results and Next Steps

After watching the video on Arizona 811’s LMS, the viewer is asked optional questions from the 811 center to gauge their information retention. At this stage, viewers also have the opportunity to provide open-ended comments about the video. Of the people who viewed the training video, 64% provided responses to the follow-up questions. Arizona 811 has been able to use the feedback these users provided to inform their own future trainings and contribute further to the Educational Programs & Marketing Committee initiatives. Looking forward, Arizona 811 plans to share the videos with its stakeholders through its email management system, utilizing another online platform to communicate about the videos and ensure that these important messages are reaching the desired audience. For more information on CGA’s efficient use of 811 videos and other tools to reach excavator audiences with critical safe digging messages, click here.

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