After the Call

The contents of this toolkit are intended to provide detailed safe digging information to first-time callers. CGA Members are encouraged to customize the information here to best serve stakeholders and the general public and to oblige with state laws. InDesign files are included to allow for customization. Below are some recommendations.

Toolkit Steps:

  1. Determine your intended audience.
  2. Determine your method of communication
  3. Create a dedicated webpage and links that may include:
    • Contractor Information
    • Homeowner Information
    • FAQs
    • APWA Color Code Information
    • Tolerance Zone Information (Beware of insider language!)
  4. Create wording with link to webpage for the email.
  5. Consider adding the wording and link to other communications (i.e., as a header or footer in newsletters, on positive response site, on mobile apps, etc.)

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Public Awareness Toolkits

The toolkits provide resources for promoting the safe digging message and 811 campaign.

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