Creative uses of the new 811 tagline

Join CGA Members in Promoting the New 811 Tagline

We are thrilled to see that CGA members are incorporating the new 811 tagline into their awareness outreach. The new tagline emphasizes the importance of repeat use of 811 during every dig, regardless of the size of the project, and reminds active diggers that their safety – and the safety of their community – falls to them.

New York 811 and Sunshine 811 are two member organizations that promoted the new 811 tagline and message through ad campaigns this spring. New York 811 secured radio spots on a number of Long Island radio stations that targeted contractors and homeowners. The ad spots, which will run in the spring, summer and fall this year, use the new 811 tagline to encourage contractors to contact 811 before every dig, every time and remind them that failing to do so can result in costly fines and tarnish their professional reputation.

Sunshine 811 launched billboards in April featuring the new tagline across high-traffic areas, reaching a large number of Floridians about the safe digging message during National Safe Digging Month (NSDM) and the start of peak digging season.

We are excited to see how your organization will creatively incorporate the new 811 tagline and animation into your promotions and educational materials. The new tagline and animation can be accessed here in a variety of file types, including the newly released Spanish version. We encourage you to integrate the new tagline and animation into your social media, website, in presentations, promotions and other relevant channels to get the word out about the 811 process using this updated messaging.

With 8/11 Day less than three months away, now is the time to begin planning what your organization will do to raise awareness about 811 and safe digging this year. 8/11 Day presents an excellent opportunity to incorporate the new 811 tagline and animation into your organization's efforts, helping you make a lasting impact and ensuring your community has the necessary knowledge to complete safe and successful digs this summer. Whether you hold educational workshops, launch a social media campaign, partner with local organizations or otherwise, we encourage you to incorporate the new tagline and animation into your activations and messaging.

Thank you for your continued dedication to safe digging, damage prevention and raising awareness about safe digging practices during NSDM, 8/11 Day and beyond!

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