How GIS mapping impacts the locating crisis

Implementing GIS-Grade Mapping to Address the Crisis of Late and Inaccurate Locates

CGA’s recently published 2022 DIRT Report highlighted a critical issue facing the industry: the emerging crisis of late and inaccurate locates. According to the Report, as often as 56% of the time, excavators cannot begin work on their planned start date due to late or no positive response. As a result, excavator confidence in the system has been negatively impacted.

To address this crisis, accurate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping of underground utilities is paramount, especially given the current surge in construction activity across the U.S. GIS mapping plays a critical role in mitigating the challenges associated with late and inaccurate locates by reducing overnotification, improving the accuracy and efficiency of locates, and enhancing excavator safety.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Read the 2022 DIRT Report today to learn more about the importance of GIS mapping and its role in helping address the pressing issue of late and inaccurate locates.
  • Visit the DIRT Interactive Dashboard to learn about your state’s current damage prevention landscape, seasonal damage statistics, year-to-year damage trends and more.
  • Attend the 2023 Fall Committee Summit, taking place next week at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis, which will focus on the role that accurate and on-time locates, as well as mapping, play in reducing damages to underground utilities and helping the industry make strides toward our 50-in-5 damage reduction goal. Committee summit registration is open for members and guests. We look forward to connecting with industry leaders and stakeholders next week for a productive Fall Committee Summit.
  • Engage C-suite leadership in the discussion. Share the 2022 DIRT Report, CGA’s Next Practices Initiative reports and case studies and CGA’s Locator White Paper with decision-makers at your organization.

Thank you for your support on this important damage prevention topic!


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