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CGA toolkit available for Hurricane Idalia cleanup and recovery

  • 31 August 2023
  • Author: Sarah Daley
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CGA toolkit available for Hurricane Idalia cleanup and recovery

Help Keep 811 and Safe Digging Top of Mind During Storm Recovery

CGA’s thoughts are with those who have been affected by Hurricane Idalia’s destructive winds and rain. In the face of natural disasters and unforeseen incidents, such as the current damage and destruction caused by Hurricane Idalia, a comprehensive disaster toolkit can help prevent damage at a critical time. During the aftermath of natural disasters and extreme weather, the importance of preventing additional damage through safe digging practices becomes paramount.

In response to disasters like Hurricane Idalia, CGA developed an Incident & Disaster Response Toolkit to equip members with a range of resources and tools designed to facilitate underground damage prevention throughout every phase of a disaster. From pre-planning strategies and actions taken during the disaster to post-recovery cleanup, the toolkit ensures that efforts are well-coordinated and optimized to minimize further harm and keep vital utilities protected and communities connected. The toolkit offers a press release template, social media messages, talking points, a case study from a CGA member’s effective disaster response and more.

It’s imperative that safe digging procedures are followed during disaster cleanup efforts to avoid making an already stressful and dangerous situation worse by striking an underground utility line. As communities recover from ground compromised by flooding, storm surge and soil displacement during storm recovery, 811 must be contacted before the cleanup process begins, as striking even a single buried utility line could result in severe injury, power outages and even disconnect an entire community from essential emergency services.

The ongoing damage caused by Hurricane Idalia emphasizes the important role of disaster preparedness and underground damage prevention in keeping communities safe and connected at a critical time. The Incident & Disaster Response Toolkit is a valuable asset to safeguard vital underground utilities and minimize the fallout of catastrophic events.

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