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WHITE PAPER: Telecom’s Opportunity to Influence Damage Prevention

  • 21 December 2023
  • Author: Sarah Daley
  • Number of views: 527

Telecom’s Unique Position in the Damage Prevention Industry

CGA’s new White Paper, “Telecom’s Critical Role in Reversing Utility Damage Trends,” outlines four key takeaways that outline the strengths and challenges facing the telecom industry.

The first key finding emphasizes the extensive influence the telecom industry has to advance CGA’s 50-in-5 goal to reduce all damages in half over the next five years: “The telecom sector has the most potential to impact the U.S. damage prevention system – and its own bottom line.” New telecom infrastructure continues to be installed at record-high rates, adding incentive to prevent and reduce damages to these facilities. However, according to CGA’s DIRT Report, telecom consistently ranks among the two most damaged facility types.

There is a prevalent perspective within the telecom sector that views excavation-related damages as an inherent part of business operations. CGA’s White Paper urges a shift toward proactive prevention strategies, specifically emphasizing the need for the telecom sector to treat damages as unacceptable rather than inevitable, and address persistent challenges, including its high rate of late locates. By implementing measures to prevent damages, such as investing in advanced mapping technologies and comprehensive training programs, the telecom sector can transform its operations and make a significant impact on the industry’s 50-in-5 goal.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to read the new Telecom White Paper on CGA’s website to learn more about key takeaway No. 1 and view supporting materials, including a presentation deck highlighting all four takeaways, recommendations, carousel of images for use on LinkedIn, as well as all graphs featured in the White Paper.

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