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Insights into Improving the Delivery of Accurate, On-Time Locates

The Locator White Paper analyzes key research findings, provides insights into some of the biggest challenges facing the locating industry and explores potential practices that damage prevention advocates can adopt to improve the timeliness and accuracy of locates.

The White Paper shares four key takeaways from CGA’s locating industry research:

  1. The volume and variability of tickets are huge challenges for the locating industry.
  2. White-lining and updated facility maps may be the damage prevention industry’s most effective paths to timelier and more accurate locates.
  3. Retaining an experienced workforce is likely to produce better safety outcomes.
  4. Reimagining relationships between key stakeholders can dramatically move the industry forward.

Member Tools & Resources

CGA has created a suite of tools and resources for members to use based on key findings and data from the Locator White Paper.




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CGA has created a suite of toolkits designed to help members generate public awareness about the importance of damage prevention.

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