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Quarterly Update Collection Form

Submit a story to CGA Update

CGA welcomes your organization’s relevant industry news for possible publication in our quarterly CGA Update newsletter.

Guidelines for submission

  • Article submissions are due by March 12 for the Q1 edition, June 12 for the Q2 edition, Sept. 12 for the Q3 edition and Dec. 1 for the Q4 edition.
  • Please submit concise copy about your news item, no longer than 300 words in length.
  • CGA welcomes photos, charts and graphs accompanying your news story, but please ensure you are uploading high-quality/high-resolution images as a .PDF or .JPG using the tool below. Do not embed images, charts or graphs in a Word document, and ensure that your cellphone is set to the highest quality/resolution if you’re using it to take photos. Images should be at least 1 MB or larger in size.
  • Please include caption information for each photo you submit.

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