DIRT Authorized Integrator Program

Submitting DIRT data is easier and more accessible than ever

CGA’s DIRT Authorized Integrator Program makes submitting damage and near-miss data as easy and accessible as possible through secure, seamless integration into your organization’s software application.

In order to achieve our collective goal of driving damages down to zero, it is critical that CGA’s Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) program has access to accurate and timely damage data from all stakeholders. The DIRT Authorized Integrator Program is CGA’s latest enhancement to the DIRT program, intended to make submitting to DIRT easier than ever and ultimately generate a more comprehensive view of the state of damage prevention in CGA’s annual DIRT Report.

Whether you are a utility, excavator, locator, one call center or software vendor, CGA has released a set of REST API endpoints that will allow your users to securely submit and manage their DIRT damage reports all from within your software application. As an Authorized DIRT Integrator, you can offer your users the simplicity of never having to leave your application in order to manage their entire damage reporting process.

Becoming a DIRT Authorized Integrator

To become a DIRT Authorized Integrator, your organization will enter into an annual licensing agreement with CGA based on intended nonprofit or for-profit use, as well as your CGA member status. DIRT Authorized Integrators agree to important terms, conditions and data confidentiality standards as part of the licensing agreement.

Once you are a licensed DIRT Authorized Integrator tied into CGA’s REST API endpoints, users of your third party application (TPA) will be able to log in to your software using DIRT credentials, and submit and manage damage and near-miss reports via your application. DIRT Authorized TPAs will exactly match the fields and values of the DIRT form on www.cga-dirt.com. TPAs must validate against the DIRT API for errors and also provide users with a Data Quality Index (DQI) using the Validation API endpoint.

Get in touch to get started

If your organization is interested in becoming a DIRT Authorized Integrator, the first step is setting up a time to talk through the licensing agreement and technical specifications. Please complete the form below, and a member of CGA’s staff will be in touch to schedule a meeting.

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