811 Member Update

8/11 Day is here!

Each year, damage prevention stakeholders across the U.S. and Canada celebrate 8/11 Day, or 8-11 on the calendar, with creative and far-reaching campaigns reminding the public and professionals about the importance of digging safely.

Whether your organization already has events and outreach planned or is still looking for ideas, read on for Communications Plan tools that can easily be used to spread the 811 message around 8/11 Day this year and to hear about some exciting initiatives with national reach

Download 8/11 Day Communications Plan Tools Today

Visit the 811 Toolkit page on CommonGroundAlliance.com to download 8/11 Day tools, including:

  • Media outreach templates and sample social media messages. The 8/11 Day section of the 811 Toolkit hosts a customizable press release, media advisory and other templates that your organization can use to remind the public about the importance of calling 811 before digging. You can also find sample social media messages and internal communications templates to help you spread the word this 8/11 Day. 
  • A guide to organizing an 811 plane flyover at a local beach or another highly-populated public space.  Information about how to execute an 811 plane flyover at a beach or community event can be found in the 8/11 Day section of the 811 Toolkit.
  • Send 811 cakes or cupcakes to local radio and media outlets. Delivering 811 sweets to local media outlets is a great way to remind members of the media about damage prevention at a time of year when it matters most. For cake designs and information about executing an 811 cake drop, download the tools in the 8/11 Day section of the 811 Toolkit.

8/11 Day Block Parties

Following a successful inaugural 8/11 Day Block Party in Houston last year, damage prevention advocates in three cities are set to host block parties on Aug. 11, 2016 to engage the public about the importance of calling 811 before digging in a fun, community-driven way. Events taking place in Houston, Indianapolis and Kansas City will center around the “Every six minutes” theme, which reminds the public how frequently buried utilities are hit because someone failed to call 811 before digging. Visit www.811BlockParty.com for more info.

Look for 811 at the Ballpark on 8/11!

For the third consecutive year, a coalition of damage prevention stakeholders will partner to place 811 signage behind home plate at select Major League Baseball parks on 8/11 Day.

The signage, which features the full “Know what’s below. Call 811 before you dig.” logo/tagline combination, will be visible for one half-inning in each ballpark to viewers in both TV markets for the following games: San Diego Padres at Pittsburgh Pirates, Houston Astros at Minnesota Twins, Colorado Rockies at Texas Rangers, Baltimore Orioles at Oakland Athletics and Chicago White Sox at Kansas City Royals.

This initiative will reach millions of viewers, including in four of the top 10 TV markets in the country (Chicago, Oakland/San Francisco, Dallas/Ft. Worth and Houston), and possibly lead to national exposure on ESPN, Fox Sports 1 and MLB Network if key plays occur during the 811-sponsored half innings.

The 8/11 MLB stadium campaign was made possible by the collaborative efforts of Enbridge, Energy Transfer, Gopher State One Call, Kansas 811, Miss Utility of Maryland/D.C., One Call Concepts, Pennsylvania 811 and USA North 811. 



811 Toolkit

The toolkit provides 811 resources for promoting the message and campaign.