Regional Partner FAQs

Q:  What is the Regional Partners program?

A:  Our Regional Partners program connects the many regional groups who work to improve damage prevention across the U.S. and Canada. Often modeled after CGA’s consensus-based process, more than 65 Regional CGAs are in operation and connected to a central mission of shared responsibility.

Q:  What do Regional Partners do in their local areas?

A:  Regional CGAs educate professionals and homeowners about the importance of safe digging through several creative outreach channels. Recently, Regional Partners across the country have been instrumental in hosting state-wide damage prevention summits and conferences, giving local stakeholders the opportunity to learn new skills and practices.

Q:  How can my organization become a Regional Partner?

A:  Applying to approved as a CGA Regional Partner is easy, as long as the organization offers access to its meetings and events to all damage prevention stakeholder groups and agrees to promote the CGA Best Practices. Click here to access a short form, which will be reviewed by the CGA Regional Partners Committee.

Q:  How can I find a Regional Partner near me?

A:  Click here to access a map of states and provinces with CGA Regional Partner information. There are currently more than 65 Regional Partners in the United States and Canada.

Q:  Who can I contact to learn more about this CGA program?

A:  Visit CGA’s Regional Partners Program page by clicking here.

Regional Partners by Location

Regional Partners by Location