Q:  What is the Data Reporting & Evaluation program?

A:  A committee directs the work of CGA’s Data Reporting & Evaluation program. The committee maintains the Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT, www.cga-dirt.com), a database of voluntarily and anonymously submitted data about underground damage and near-miss reports. It also produces the annual DIRT Report based on the data, which produces valuable recommendations to damage prevention stakeholders about how to best protect buried facilities.

Q:  What is the Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT)?   Who submits to it?

A:  DIRT is a completely secure online database that allows damage prevention stakeholders to anonymously submit information about damages and near-misses, which in turn helps create an industry-wide picture of opportunities to improve safety. One call centers, facility owners, municipalities and government regulatory entities are among those who voluntarily submit data to DIRT.

Q: What is the DIRT Report? Where can I access it?

A:  The DIRT Report is compiled annually by the Data Reporting & Evaluation Committee based on the previous year’s stakeholder-submitted data. It provides analysis of root causes of damages and near-misses and makes helpful recommendations to the industry about areas where safety can be improved. Click here to access DIRT Reports.

Q:  Who can I contact to learn more about or volunteer on this committee?
A:  Visit the Data Reporting and Evaluation Committee page by clicking here.


Deadline to submit data is March 31!