Proposal and Review Process

The CGA best practices outlined in the Common Ground Study were not intended to constitute a static model.   In contrast, the best practices were intended to evolve over time as more was learned and as technology advanced.  In addition, the participants involved in the original Study expected that there likely would be additional best practices developed by the interested participants. 

Therefore, the CGA Best Practices Committee created a process for new practices and/or practice modifications to be introduced to the committee, reviewed, and potentially approved by the CGA.  

Best Practices Flow Chart

In January 2003, the Best Practices Committee created a Best Practices Flow Chart to outline the practice review process.  The flow chart outlines the process used by the CGA to ensure each new practice or modification receives input from all CGA stakeholders.  

The most likely steps (from flow chart) followed to take a practice from proposal to approval are outlined below. 

  1. New practice or modification is proposed using BP Proposal Forms. 
  2. Proposal is added to the next Best Practices Meeting Agenda.
  3. Committee reviews the proposal and must reach consensus on moving forward with the review/investigation process.
  4. If yes to Step 3, the Best Practices Committee assigns a transaction record (TR) number and forms and ad-hoc committee to further research the proposal.
  5. Ad-hoc committee further researches the proposal and drafts Best Practice language. 
  6. Draft language is distributed to Best Practice Committee members for comment at least 30 days prior to the next Best Practices committee meeting.
  7. Best Practices Committee reviews the proposal at the next meeting.  Each primary member (primary is the member appointed by a stakeholder group to represent the group on that committee) obtains feedback from their respective stakeholder group prior to the meeting.   The committee votes on the proposal; and if the committee reaches consensus, the new practice is forwarded to the CGA Board of Directors for final approval.

Proposing a New Practice

To propose a new practice to the Best Practices committee, CGA members must submit a new practice proposal form.  Non-CGA members should complete a form and contact the CGA office or a CGA member to arrange for submission to the committee.  Often, the committee will require a presentation by the submitter or a sponsor on the Best Practices Committee. 

The new practice proposal form requires submitters to include the following information:

  1. Purpose: Describe the purpose of the proposed practice.
  2. Origin/Rationale: Briefly describe the origin/rationale behind the practice proposal.  Include any examples of existing practices.  (Remember, for a practice to be considered a "Best Practice," it must already be in practice). 
  3. References:  Provide references for any existing practices cited in Origin/Rationale.

Proposing a Practice Revision

To propose a revision to an existing practice, CGA members must submit a practice revision proposal form.  The process and proposal form for a revision are very similar to the "new practice proposal." 

BP Proposals

The CGA relies on members to keep the Best Practices a living document.  Remember, a best practices must be in use to be considered a "best" practice.