Ron Olitsky Award

Award Recipients

  • Brian Tooley (2005)
  • 811 Team (2006):  Dan Meiners, Tom Shimon, Kevin Chmura, Gina Johnson, Patti Lama and Linda Sims
  • Ron Peterson (2007)
  • Mike Catt (2008)
  • Gweneyette Broussard (2009)
  • Steve Blaney (2010)
  • Gloria Grev (2011)
  • Dan Maschka (2012)
  • Louis Panzer (2013)
  • Collin Miyadi (2014)
  • Ryan White (2014)
  • Annmarie Robertson (2015)
  • Thomas Young and Michael Muilenburg (2016)
  • Chris Thome (2017)
  • Ann Rushing (2018)


Award DescriptionThis award is presented in honor of Ron Olitsky of Underground Service Alert, who served on the CGA Board since the organization’s establishment and during the development of the Common Ground Study of One Call System and Damage Prevention Best Practices in 1999. Ron’s dedication to the CGA and to damage prevention was a true priority until his untimely passing in 2005.

The award will be granted to the CGA member whose dedication and service to the CGA went above and beyond the call of duty during a given year, and he/she might be considered the “most valuable player.”

Award Criteria: (Awarded annually)

Recipient must:

  • Be a member of the CGA. 
  • Have clearly demonstrated service to the CGA during a given year though:
    • Dedication & commitment to CGA committee work.
    • Promotion of best practices, educational programs, data collection and/or other objectives that specifically advance the goals of the Common Ground Alliance.
    • Dedication to the growth of CGA through recruiting new members; establishing, or participating in, a regional partner program; or presenting at industry conferences and increasing visibility of the CGA.

Award Nomination

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