Jim Barron Award

Award Recipients

  • Chris John (2005)
  • Mike Shallow (2006)
  • Scott Landes (2007)
  • Rick Pevarski (2008)
  • JD Maniscalco (2009)
  • Corey Willson (2010)
  • Massoud Tahamtani (2011)
  • Marco’s Pizza (2012)
  • Ron Rosencrans (2012)
  • Donnie Mingus (2013)
  • Mike Sullivan (2014)
  • Walt Pegram (2015)
  • Jemmie Wang and Mark Stowe (2016)
  • Dj Stukas and Joe Karpenske (2017)
  • Bob Terjesen (2018)


Award Description: Jim Barron of Ronkin Construction played a key role in the Common Ground Study and went on to serve as the first president of the CGA. He has, and continues to show true dedication to the CGA and to several other damage prevention organizations and projects. The Barron award is given to an individual(s) or organization(s) that may or may not be a member of the CGA, but has shown true dedication to efforts that enhance underground damage prevention. An example may be an individual that serves on a one-call board, a member of Congress or government official, or any other person or organization outside of the CGA that has made a positive impact on the damage prevention community.

Award Criteria: (Awarded based on merit of nominees in a given year – not necessarily annually)

  • May be granted to more than one person or organization in a given year.
  • Recipient does not have to be a member of the CGA.
  • Recipient must have shown dedication/commitment to enhancing underground damage prevention through:
    • Playing a significant role in a program/policy/campaign (or other) that has made a positive impact on damage prevention.
    • Demonstrating leadership in a given area that plays a role in damage prevention.

Award Nomination

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