Explore damage prevention information, local contacts and rules for safe digging in Arizona.

One Call Centers

811 or


1405 W Auto Dr
Tempe, AZ 85284



Advance Notice:

2 working days, excluding weekends, and state-recognized holidays and 4th Friday in November

Marks Valid:

15 working days excluding weekends and state-recognized holidays and 4th Friday in November



Legislative Information

yes Mandatory Membership
yes Civil Penalties
yes Tolerance Zone 24"
yes Hand Dig Clause
no Mandatory Premark
yes Emergency Clause
yes Positive Response
no Depth Exemption

Regional Partners

Arizona Regional CGA

Geographic Location:

State of Arizona


Robert Clarillos
Arizona Regional CGA

Partner Since:

June 2004


The ARCGA will do its utmost to promote safe and effective damage prevention practices, methods and technologies. The ARCGA will also endeavor to provide, support and promote education related to safe damage prevention practices and will provide a communication forum for the dissemination for such educational information. The ultimate, shared goal of our organization is to decrease excavation damage to underground facilities. ARCGA will be at its inception and will always remain a non-profit organization.