Explore damage prevention information, local contacts and rules for safe digging in Alberta.

One Call Centers



4242 – 7 St SE Suite 104
Calgary, AB T2G 2Y8


M - F 0600-2000 Emergency 24 / 7

Advance Notice:

At least 2 full working days, but not more than 10 full working days

Marks Valid:

14 days, may be extended to 30



Legislative Information

yes RSA O-2, 62/2003 RSA P-15, 071/2005
na Mandatory Membership
na Civil Penalties
na Tolerance Zone
na Hand Dig Clause
na Mandatory Premark
na Emergency Clause
na Positive Response
na Depth Exemption

Regional Partners

Alberta Common Ground Alliance

Geographic Location:

Province of Alberta


Brad Watson
Alberta Common Ground Alliance


The Alberta Common Ground Alliance is an open membership organization dedicated to improving worker safety, public safety, community safety, protection of the environment and preservation of the integrity of the infrastructure that provides goods and services that are essential to today’s society by identifying, validating and promoting the adoption of effective ground disturbance and damage prevention practices.