Stakeholder Advocacy Resources

The stakeholder advocacy toolkit includes documents that are available to assist stakeholders in discovering best practices that have already been identified through the CGA, case studies describing legislative activities that have taken place recently in some states, a list of states that have current legislative activity indicated, as well as contact information for stakeholder groups that would be beneficial to engage in the process of building a legislative coalition with your state. 

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Advocacy Resource Documents

The following resource documents were compiled by the CGA Stakeholder Advocacy Committee.  The documents include guidance documents to use with lobbyists, an overview of the CGA stakeholder advocacy effort, industry resource guides and a comparison of CGA's best practices to the nine elements of an effective state damage prevention program. 

Advocacy Case Studies

CGA's Stakeholder Advocacy Committee has created a process to document recent efforts to modify existing one call laws at the state level.  Taken directly from the stakeholders involved in this effort, these real-life success stories provide perspective to help develop and implement effective advocacy campaigns. 

Advocacy Member/Industry Sample Documents

The following resources are examples of documents used in successful legislative efforts.  These resoruces were provided by the organization or individual who authored the document and are intended to be used as an example. 

Advocacy Resource Links

The following resources may be helpful during the advocacy process. 

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CGA, its officers, directors and committee members, are not registered to act as lobbyists, under either the federal laws or the laws of any state. The information and materials available at this website have been created by CGA as well as various third parties and are being made available at this site strictly for educational purposes. For questions and advice about engaging in lobbying activity you should consult with a lawyer or expert in the field of the laws governing lobbying activity.

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