Best Practices Review

The following information provides Best Practices Committee members and CGA stakeholders with information on practices currently under review by the committee. The next Best Practices meeting will be held on July 24 in San Diego, CA.  For additional details, visit the meeting calendar

30 Day Review

Wording for existing transaction records submitted for 30-day review are posted below to be considered for approval at the next meeting.  Task teams submit wording for review using the TR wording form

The following transaction records and chapter reviews are currently active, but do not have wording posted:

  • TR 2018-01 - One Call Center informs callers that privately-owned facilities may exist (Dan Bradley)
  • TR 2017-01 - Modification of practice 4-5 (Dan Bradley)
  • Review of practice 4-21 (Phil Baca)
New & Revised Practice Proposals

The following proposals were submitted through the new practice proposal form. If the committee agrees to move forward with these proposals, the proposal will be assigned a TR number and task team. These are not being considered for final approval - only for consideration to establish a transaction record.  


Wording for Discussion / Comment

The following wording was submitted for review and discussion by the committee.

  • Nothing posted at this time.

BP Proposals

The CGA relies on members to keep the Best Practices a living document.  Remember, a best practices must be in use to be considered a "best" practice.

TR Update Form

For committee task teams to use when submitting transaction record (TR) wording.