CGA Today

In line with CGA’s founding philosophy, the current CGA mission is to “prevent damage to underground utility infrastructure and protect those who live and work near these important assets through the shared responsibility of our stakeholders.” 

There are currently 16 stakeholder groups participating in the CGA: electric, engineering/design, equipment manufacturing, excavator, gas transmission, gas distribution, insurance, locator, one call center, oil, public works, railroad, road builder, state regulator, emergency services, and telecommunications.

The CGA consists of working committees populated by the general membership. The committees include Best Practices, Technology, Educational Programs, Data Reporting and Evaluation, Regional Partner, Stakeholder Advocacy Committee, and One Call Systems International.

Even though any CGA member can participate in committee discussions, a “Primary” is designated for each stakeholder group by its respective member on the Board of Directors. The Primary’s responsibility is to act as a spokesperson for their stakeholder group and to participate in consensus decisions when necessary. This ensures that each stakeholder group has an equal say in the outcome of committee work, decisions, and products.

The Best Practices document continues to be the “go to” resource by all stakeholders, governments, and associated industries when addressing safety and damage prevention issues internally, as well as on the local, state, and national levels.


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