8.8 Giveaways

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Practice Statement:

An effective damage prevention education program uses promotional giveaway items to increase damage prevention awareness.

Practice Description:

Effective damage prevention education programs use giveaways to reach targeted audiences. Examples include note pads, pens, Rolodex® cards, mouse pads, ignition protectors, clipboards, and magnets. Items used should reflect the unique needs and interests of the target audiences and the regions served. For example, sports towels work in many areas and with many audiences. However, beach towels are probably only effective in states or areas near beaches. Giveaways can be distributed via awareness and safety meetings, targeted mailings, sponsored events, trade shows, and other methods. In all cases, items should be usable both for work and recreation.


  • Various one call centers including AL, AZ, CO, CT, GA, ID, IL, IA, KY, MS, MO, NM, NY (City), NC, OK, OH, OR, TX, WV, and WI


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