8.6 Paid Advertising

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Practice Statement:

An effective damage prevention education program includes paid advertising to increase damage prevention awareness and practices.

Practice Description:

Paid advertising through event sponsorships, radio, television, and print media is an effective means for communicating one call center information and safe-digging requirements to target audiences. Paid advertising is particularly effective for reaching general excavators, construction designers and managers, equipment operators, property owners and tenants, farmers, facility owners/operators, and the general public. However, the use of paid advertising can be very costly, and a measurement for success should be implemented early in the advertising campaign to gauge effectiveness. Measurements can include increased locate ticket volume or increased number of first-time callers to a one call center. Additionally, creative placement of the message can ease the expense of paid advertising and enhance its effectiveness. Examples include transit system signs, sponsorship of news and weather reports on radio and television, industry trade exhibits and events, and print messages in trade publications.


  • Various one call centers including AL, CO, CT, GA, ID, IL, IA, KY, MS, MO, NM, NY (City), NC, OK, OH, OR, WV, and WI
  • Current facility owner practices, including various oil pipeline companies such as Marathon-Ashland Pipeline Company, Northwest Pipeline Company, and Equilon Pipeline Company


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