8.3 Target Audiences and Needs

One Call Center Facility Owner Excavator Locator Project Owner Designer

Practice Statement:32

An effective damage prevention education program includes identification of target audiences and their individual needs.

Practice Description:

Identification of target audiences ensures maximum impact for the Dig Safely message. The following target audiences are identified as examples:

  • Professional designers
  • Surveyors
  • Construction management officials
  • Excavation equipment operators
  • Excavation equipment rental stores
  • Excavators
  • Public works excavators
  • Locators
  • Railroads
  • Participating facility owners/operators
  • Non-participating facility owners/operators (i.e., not one call members)
  • Agricultural industry members
  • Public officials
  • Planning, zoning, licensing, permitting, and code enforcement officials
  • Public utility board members
  • Homeowners and associations
  • Schools
  • Landscape companies
  • Geotechnical and environments soil testing laboratories
  • Insurance industry members
  • Marine operators
  • Children
  • Property owners/tenants
  • Emergency responders/local emergency planning committee members
  • News media

When target audiences are identified, their specific needs can be more readily addressed. This helps identify which media (e.g., free advertising, advertising, brochures, meal meetings, handouts, door hangers, yard cards, etc.) can most effectively be used to deliver the message. This also facilitates customization of the message itself. Coordination with other strategic partners can assist in reaching the greatest number of people.


  • Various one call centers including AL, AZ, CO, CT, GA, FL, ID, IL, IA, KY, MS, MO, NM, NY (City), NC, OK, OH, OR, TX, WV, and WI
  • NUCA and various NUCA state chapters
  • API, INGAA, and AGA member companies
  • Associated General Contractors (AGC) chapters
  • Door hangers from TCS Communications, LLC, of Florida
  • Yard cards from Ohio Utilities Protection Service


One Call Center One Call Center

Facility Owner Facility Owner

Excavator Excavator

Locator Locator

Project Owner Project Owner

Designer Designer