8.1 Marketing Plan

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Practice Statement:

An effective damage prevention education program includes a comprehensive, strategic marketing/advertising plan.

Practice Description:

A comprehensive, strategic marketing/advertising plan enables better implementation, control, and continuity of advertising/public relations programs and ensures the most effective and efficient use of limited resources. These plans focus on setting realistic goals and allocating sufficient resources required to achieve those goals within a specified time frame. The marketing plan is a set of action steps based on a comprehensive situation analysis that clearly states the following:

  • What is to be achieved
  • How it will be achieved
  • When it will be achieved
  • Who is responsible for achieving each goal
  • What amount of resources (time, people, and money) will be allocated to achieving each goal


  • Louisiana One Call Systems, Inc. Project 2000, 1998 Marketing Plan
  • Public Awareness Marketing Plan for Underground Utility Damage Prevention, prepared for the Damage Prevention Quality Action Team by The Daily Planit, November 20, 1997
  • Underground Protection Center (UPC) of Georgia
  • Various one call centers including: AL, AZ, CT, GA, IL, IA, KY, MO, NM, NY (City), NC, OK, OH, OR, WV, and WI


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