5.4 Pre-excavation Meeting

Facility Owner Excavator Locator Project Owner

Practice Statement:

When practical, the excavator requests a meeting with the facility locator at the job site prior to marking the facility locations. Such pre-job meetings are important for major, or unusual, excavations.

Practice Description:

The meeting facilitates communications, coordinates the marking with actual excavation, and ensures identification of high-priority facilities. An on-site pre-excavation meeting between the excavator, facility owners/operators, and locators (where applicable) is recommended on major or large projects. This includes projects such as road, sewer, water, or other projects that cover a large area, that progress from one area to the next, or that are located near critical or high-priority facilities. Such facilities include, but are not limited to, high-pressure gas, high-voltage electric, fiber-optic communication, and major pipe or water lines.


  • Existing insurance carrier guidelines
  • Existing practice among excavators, including Pauley Construction and W.F. Wilson & Sons, Inc.


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