5.31 No Charge for Providing Underground Facility Locations

Facility Owner Excavator

Practice Statement:23

Upon notification by one call centers, locations of underground facilities are provided by operators at no cost to excavators.

Practice Description:

It is the basic underpinning of the call-before-you-dig process that persons involved in excavation activities receive facility locates at no charge when they contact their local one call center to give notice of intent to excavate. This service is critical to maintaining the communication between operators and excavators. Call-before-you-dig education and marketing campaigns, such as 811 and those promoted by one call centers and associated industries, advise persons involved in excavation activities, including the public, homeowners, and professional excavators, that the service is provided by facility operators at no charge to the person providing the notice of intent to excavate.


  • Minnesota state statutes, Alberta pipeline


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