5.29 Trenchless Excavation

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Practice Statement:13

All stakeholders comply with all best practices and the following general guidelines prior to, during, and after any trenchless excavation (as applicable).

Practice Description:

  • The excavator requests the location of underground facilities at the entrance pit, trenchless excavation path, and the exit pit by notifying the facility owner/operator through the one call center.
  • The trenchless equipment operator performs a site inspection, walking the trenchless excavation path prior to commencing work, and has a good understanding of the job.
  • The trenchless excavation operator confirms and maintains the path and minimum clearances established by the project owner and design engineer by tracking and recording the path of the trenchless excavation until complete. Means of tracking trenchless excavations include electronic locating/guidance devices, pipe lasers, water levels, visual inspection, etc.
  • When existing facilities are known to be present but cannot be potholed as a result of local conditions, the facility owner and the excavator meet to discuss how to safely proceed with the excavation.
  • The excavator stops the trenchless excavation operations if an abnormal condition, unknown substructure, or other hidden hazard is encountered. The excavator proceeds safely only after making positive identification. (Refer to Practice Statements 2–13 and 4–19 for additional information.)


  • See Appendix D


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