5.24 Facility Damage Notification

One Call Center Facility Owner Excavator

Practice Statement:

An excavator discovering or causing damage to underground facilities notifies the facility owner/operator and the one call center. All breaks, leaks, nicks, dents, gouges, grooves, or other damages to facility lines, conduits, coatings, or cathodic protection are reported.

Practice Description:

A majority of states require notification for damage or substantial weakening of an underground facility (27 states). The possibility of facility failure or endangerment of the surrounding population dramatically increases when a facility has been damaged. Although the facility may not immediately fail, the underground facility owner/operator is provided the opportunity to inspect the damage and make appropriate repairs.


  • Existing state laws, including Arkansas, Idaho, Maryland, and others


One Call Center One Call Center

Facility Owner Facility Owner

Excavator Excavator

Locator Locator

Project Owner Project Owner

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