5.16 Federal and State Regulations


Practice Statement:

The excavator complies with all applicable federal and state/provincial safety regulations, and, when required, provides training as it relates to the protection of underground facilities.

Practice Description:

Although most existing state/provincial damage prevention legislation does not include reference to federal and state/ provincial regulations, it is important to include reference to worker safety and training in the best practices. Excavators are required to comply with federal and state/provincial occupational safety and health requirements to protect employees from injury and illness. These regulations include reference to training each employee to recognize and avoid unsafe conditions in the work environment and to control or eliminate any hazards or exposures to illness or injury. Therefore, the excavator’s crew, as part of its safety training, is informed of the best practices and regulations applicable to the protection of underground facilities.


  • Required by federal and state law
  • Existing practice by excavators and facility owners/operators


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