4.14 Communication between Parties

One Call Center Facility Owner Excavator Locator Project Owner Designer

Practice Statement:

Communication is established between all parties.

Practice Description:

One call centers, facility owners/operators, and excavators all have clearly defined processes to facilitate communication between all parties. If the complexity of a project or its duration is such that a clear and precise understanding of the excavation site is not easily conveyed in writing on a locate request, then a pre-location meeting is scheduled. This pre-location meeting is on-site to establish the scope of the excavation. Written agreements between the excavator(s) and the locator(s) include the following information:

  • Date
  • Name
  • Company
  • Contact numbers for all parties
  • A list of the areas to be excavated
  • A schedule for both marking and excavating the areas
  • Any follow-up agreements that might be necessary

Any changes to the areas that are to be located are in writing and include all parties responsible for the excavation and marking of the excavation sites. Locators also schedule meetings if the complexity of the markings requires further explanation.


One Call Center One Call Center

Facility Owner Facility Owner

Excavator Excavator

Locator Locator

Project Owner Project Owner

Designer Designer