3.28 One Call Center Data

One Call Center

Practice Statement:53

All one call centers annually submit their ticket and transmission volumes to the OCSI Data Collection Tool.

Practice Description:

Ticket and transmission volumes from the One Call Systems International (OCSI) data collection tool are shared with the Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) to make a correlation between one call center ticket and/or transmission volume to damages or events that have occurred. Many one call centers currently provide this data to the OCSI data collection tool. Receiving ticket and transmission volumes from all one call centers allows all stakeholders to review, on a national level, more accurate projections and to determine the cause and possible solutions for damages to subsurface installations.


One call centers who participate currently: 

AL-Alabama 811 LA - Louisiana One Call System OH - Ohio Utilities Protection Services

AR - Arkansas One Call System

MA - Dig Safe System OR - Oregon Utility Notification Ctr
AZ - Arizona Blue Stake ME - Dig Safe System PA - Pennsylvania One Call System
CA - USA North MI - Miss Dig System RI - Dig Safe System
CA - USA South MN - Gopher State One Call SD - South Dakota One Call
CO - Colorado 811 MO - Missouri One Call System TN - Tennessee 811
CT - Call Before You Dig MS - Mississippi 811 TX - Texas 811
FL - SunshineState One Call NC - North Carolina 811 UT - Blue Stakes of Utah
GA - Utilites Protection Center NH - Dig Safe System VA - Miss Utility of Virginia
IA - Iowa One Call NM - New Mexico One Call VT - Dig Safe System
ID - Dig Line NV - USA North WA - Oregon Utility Notification Ctr
IN - Indiana 811 NY - New York 811 WI - Diggers Hotline
KS - Kansas One Call System NY - Dig Safely New York WV - Miss Utility of West Virginia
KY - Kentucky 811    


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