3.21 One Call Center Security

One Call Center

Practice Statement:

The one call center provides appropriate physical and systems security, fire protection, and electrical protection to protect the one call center and its critical components.

Practice Description:

The one call center needs protection from natural disasters and other threats. Because the one call center is a critical link in the communication chain between the excavating community and facilities, it is important that the one call center does whatever it can to provide adequate security, taking into account that it may well need to be operational in times of natural disasters or in the face of other threats. Security components could include the following:

  • Physical security for the building and its employees through locked operations areas, lighting, employee key cards, and guard patrols
  • Physical security for critical systems components that may include locating the facilities in locked enclosures and restricting access to necessary personnel
  • General fire protection for the one call center personnel and property
  • Specialized fire protection for critical systems components
  • Specialized theft protection for critical systems components
  • Telephone demarcation points in a protected area within the one call center
  • Passwords and protections to limit access to computers and other systems.
  • Off-site storage of a duplicate database and necessary system software.


  • Existing operating practices from various states’ one call centers


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