3.13 Flexibility for Growth and Change

One Call Center

Practice Statement:

The one call center’s operating plan is sufficiently flexible to accomodate growth and change.

Practice Description:

A successful one call center maintains flexibility to respond to changes by forming and maintaining a responsive organization whose board of directors’ composition allows adequate representation of the needs of all stakeholders. A board’s ability to respond to change is enhanced by drafting bylaws and operating procedures that reflect the current environment in which the one call center serves. The most successful boards review these documents on an ongoing basis to ensure they continue to reflect or respond to current conditions. These boards conduct regular strategic planning sessions during which they review the current state of the center’s major systems, programs, and outreach activities. Such assessments help the boards identify stakeholder needs for future growth and development. Many members of boards and center management teams stay informed about and involved in the one call industry by joining associations and attending conferences or other educational events that help them to better identify new opportunities for growth and change.


  • One Call Systems International Voluntary Recognition Program
  • “Model One Call for the 20th and 21st Century,” AT&T (was available when the practice was created but is no longer available)
  • Existing operating practices from various states’ one call centers
  • NTSB Safety Study (NTSB/SS-97/01; PB97-917003)


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