3.12 Documented Owner Verification of Data Submitted by Facility Owners/Operators

One Call Center

Practice Statement:

The one call center returns the geographic description database documentation to the facility owner/operator annually and after each change for verification and approval.

Practice Description:

The one call center can work only with the information related to the existence of buried facilities that its members provide. It is important that the one call center be able to produce evidence that a member’s data is accurate, according to that member. Regular verification of data is a part of the documented agreement or operating procedures between the owner/operator of buried facilities and the one call center. Any deletions or additions made by the member are entered into the database, and documentation of the change is returned to the member for verification prior to activation.


  • One Call Systems International Voluntary Recognition Program
  • “Model One Call for the 20th and 21st Century,” AT&T (was available when the practice was created but is no longer available)
  • Existing operating practices from various states’ one call centers
  • NTSB Safety Study (NTSB/SS-97/01; PB97-917003)


One Call Center One Call Center

Facility Owner Facility Owner

Excavator Excavator

Locator Locator

Project Owner Project Owner

Designer Designer