3-32: Communicate Potential for Privately-Owned Facilities

One Call Center Facility Owner Locator Designer

Practice Statement:

The One Call Center educates individuals submitting a locate request that privately-owned and operated service lines/facilities may exist. Owners/Operators of those private service lines/facilities, who are not members of the One Call Center, will not be notified. 

Practice Description:

The purpose of this practice is to make the individual submitting a locate request aware that the One Call Center will only notify its members who are obligated to respond. Buried private service lines/facilities that are owned and operated by non-members may be present and will not be located. 

Locating and Marking Chapter Practice 4-21 recognizes the practice and the obligation of Operators to locate and mark their service lines/facilities connected to main lines/facilities. 

Practices outlined in 2-3 and 2-14 of the Planning and Design Chapter should identify public and private lines/facilities at the design phase. The locations of those lines/facilities should be verified and documented before the construction phase.

Entities and individuals who are not members of the One Call Center that are not in the business of providing a product or service with service lines/facilities will not be notified. The One Call Centers explain to individuals requesting a locate, or visitors to their websites, that private service lines/facilities may exist and will not be located. 


  • Arizona 811, Colorado 811, Kentucky 811, Pennsylvania 811, Mississippi 811, Gopher State One Call, Georgia 811, Illinois One Call


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