2.8 Mandatory Prebid Conferences

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Practice Statement:

A mandatory prebid conference is held and bids are accepted only from attending contractors.

Practice Description:

Depending on the level of impact of proposed construction upon facilities in the excavation area, the project owner or project designer requires potential contractors and facility owners/operators to attend a mandatory prebid conference. This prebid conference is used to discuss, among other things, the particular facilities in the area and the requirements to properly protect, support, and safely maintain the facilities during excavation. Official minutes are taken and disseminated as written to all attendees.


Prebid conferences provide a forum for the contractor, owner, and other in- terested parties to discuss a project and record binding changes or clarifica- tions to the scope of the project. The prebid conference also provides an opportunity for all parties to review contract documents, regulatory require- ments, schedules, and submittal formats. Most large projects involve multi- ple levels of subcontracting activity as well as multilayered regulatory oversight. The prebid conferences traditionally address these issues in an open forum so that all bidders are equally aware of the ground rules. The ground rules can be both commercial and technical in nature, covering the spectrum from performance bonds to safety practices.


  • Industry and governmental practices
  • Florida Department of Transportation
  • Duke Energy of Houston, Texas, procedures


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