2.7 Use of Qualified Contractors

Project Owner

Practice Statement:

Qualified contractors are used to excavate on and near underground facilities.

Practice Description:

Contractors that excavate on and near underground facilities possess the qualifications necessary to conduct such activities in a manner that is skillful, safe, and reliable. The requisite qualification of the contractor serves to protect the public and the integrity of underground facilities in the vicinity of the excavation. Using qualified contractors ensures that all contractors who bid and work on a project employ safe work habits and are capable of performing the requested work. When working with contractors, the project owner is familiar with the contractors’ work experience and financial abilities and does not ask the contractors to bid beyond their capabilities. Allowing a competitive bidding process from qualified and competent contractors ensures the best quality and pricing available while reducing damages to underground facilities.


  • Enhances safety
  • Increases the quality of work
  • Reduces damage to facilities


  • Florida Law (Chapter 337.14 FS) and Rules of the State of Florida, Department of Transportation, Chapters 14–22
  • Duke Energy of Houston, Texas, procedures


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