2.15 Use of Qualified Designers

Project Owner Designer

Practice Statement:

Project owners employ qualified design and SUE providers.

Practice Description:

When new utility infrastructure is installed, project owners employ qualified designers and SUE providers. Such providers have knowledge and understanding of applicable CGA Best Practices and of the ASCE 38-02 SUE standard. Providers are qualified in application of the associated design practices and SUE processes. The providers also are knowledgeable of the operation of any involved equipment and interpretation of results where applicable. Use of qualified SUE providers provides higher quality information to designers, who in turn can minimize utility conflicts by better depicting actual subsurface conditions on the construction plans21.

See also

  • Practice Statement 2–3: Identifying Existing Facilities in Planning and Design
  • Practice Statement 2–7: Use of Qualified Contractors
  • Practice Statement 2–14: Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)


  • New Jersey Public Service Electric and Gas


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