2.1 Plat Designation of Existing Underground Facility Easements

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Practice Statement:

Plats prepared for the development of real property identify and show the alignment of any existing buried facilities and the presence and extent of any existing easements and/or rights of way.

Practice Description:

Various items are required on the plats filed prior to the development of lands. Where plats are required to be filed, the items required include the identification of the easements of underground facilities traversing the land described on the plat. Identifying easements of underground facilities on the plat increases notice to developers and the public about the existence of the underground facilities. Notifying owners of underground facilities that a plat has been filed alerts underground facility owners/operators of the need to establish communication between the developers and operators that will facilitate a plan and design for the use of the land that complements the underground facility.


Often underground facility owners/operators do not receive notice of devel­opments impacting their facilities until excavation activity has commenced. This compromises the optimal use of the land and potentially compromises the integrity of the underground facility.


  • St Louis County, Minnesota, zoning ordinances


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