Technology Study - Project Overview

The CGA was invited by PHMSA to contribute to a required study outlined in Section 8 of the 2016 PIPES Act.  The act requires PHMSA, in consultation with stakeholders, “to conduct a study on improving existing damage prevention programs through technological improvements in location, mapping, excavation, and communications practices to prevent excavation damage to a pipe or its coating, including considerations of technical, operational, and economic feasibility and existing damage prevention programs.”  The complete invitation to participate is posted below.

​CGA's Technology Committee and committee Co-Chairs Thomas Young (link sends e-mail) and Michael Muilenburg (link sends e-mail) will lead this project for the CGA.  In addition, members of the Data Reporting and Evaluation Committee and additional CGA members are particpating on this project team. 

Project documents, meeting dates and task team information is posted below.

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Technology Collection Form

Do you know about an existing technology? An idea? A problem that needs to be solved? If it can help prevent excavation damage, tell us about it and we’ll consider including it in the Annual CGA Technology Report.

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