Transaction Records

The Best Practices Committee utilizes transaction records (TR) to initiate and follow proposals as they flow through the committee.  The Best Practices Committee created the process in 2003 to ensure each new practice or modification receives input from all CGA stakeholders.  For additional details on the BP review process, visit the proposal review page.

After receiving a proposal and agreeing to move forward, the committee assigns a transaction record (TR) number and title to the proposal and assigns an ad-hoc committee to further research the proposal.  The number assigned indicates the year the proposal was introduced and the number (in order) of all the proposals that year. 

Once the ad-hoc committee reaches consensus on TR wording, the wording is distributed to Best Practice Committee members for comment at least 30 days prior to the next Best Practices committee meeting.  Each primary member (primary is the member appointed by a stakeholder group director to represent the group on that committee) obtains feedback from their respective stakeholder group prior to the meeting.   At the next committee meeting, the committee then votes on the proposal; and if the committee reaches consensus, the new practice is forwarded to the CGA Board of Directors for final approval.

Transaction records (TRs) currently under review by the committee will be posted to this page prior to Best Practices meetings.  New practice proposals that are being considered for introduction into the Best Practices process will also be posted. 

BP Proposals

The CGA relies on members to keep the Best Practices a living document.  Remember, a best practices must be in use to be considered a "best" practice.

TR Review Process