Practice Proposals and Review

Proposing a New Practice

To propose a new practice to the Best Practices committee, CGA members must submit a new practice proposal form.  Non-CGA members should complete a form and contact the CGA office or a CGA member to arrange for submission to the committee.  Often, the committee will require a presentation by the submitter or a sponsor on the Best Practices Committee. 

The new practice proposal form requires submitters to include the following information:

  1. Purpose: Describe the purpose of the proposed practice.
  2. Origin/Rationale: Briefly describe the origin/rationale behind the practice proposal.  Include any examples of existing practices.  (Remember, for a practice to be considered a "Best Practice," it must already be in practice). 
  3. References:  Provide references for any existing practices cited in Origin/Rationale.

Proposing a Practice Revision

To propose a revision to an existing practice, CGA members must submit a practice revision proposal form.  The process and proposal form for a revision are very similar to the "new practice proposal." 


BP Proposals

The CGA relies on members to keep the Best Practices a living document.  Remember, a best practices must be in use to be considered a "best" practice.

TR Update Form

For committee task teams to use when submitting transaction record (TR) wording.